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>> gerry: third quarter and ravens lead 17-3. 3.30 minute lost play ins left to play n. third. in the third. go to town,/ contest to enter. out to the 26 yard-line. if you're a football fan, that has to be on your bucket list. >> stan: because everybody knows the weather there. it doesn't matter what time. lambeau field if you've never been there it's like wrigley field, you have to go there. >> gerry: it's definitely one of the shrines of sports. jake delhomme remains in as quarterback. i'm sure john fox wants to see more out of the offense. delhomme wants to go up top. shy of the 40 yard-line. that's complete to muhsin muhammad. >> the new defensive coordinator is show his versatility. they play today probably the last two series and they could do to exploit it. >> gerry: they have a lot of back ups in there now. frank walker also in the corner who vugled a week ago against the new york jets. he has lit up. he's looking for a bounce back. a nice bounce to the outside. he's taken down by paul kruger, the secon
. this is the ravens gameday network. 8:30 to play in the half. the ravens in front of panthers. the ball on the panthers' side of the field. flacco brings the ravens to the line. ray rice has checked in. he's the lone back. flacco to throw off a play action. nice move. it will get it down to the 22 yard-line by the veteran. but a penalty flag is down. derrick mason put a wicked move on chris harris. they're not neglect keep the flag on the field. i play will stand. the ravens whispering in the end zone. >> stan: gamble is a great athlete. mason knows before you cut. >> gerry: on 1st down ray rice will carry. he'll get it inside the 20 yard- line. the thing i'm seeing the most with ray rice, much more patient this year. if the hole is not there for him to immediate hit, he's giving it time. >> stan: when you are sure where they are going to be, you don't know where you're going to go. if you patience then you can wait for him. >> gerry: behind the right tackle and he'll push the pile to the 16 yard-line. 3rd down and 4. >> stan: i like what he
occasion kicker for the ravens a year after handling the kickoff duties along. we are underway in charlotte, north carolina in week three of the pre-season. on the hash mark to the 15. trying to get around the corner and he's not going to do it. chris carr the first man there. showing himself as a force on kick coverage. >> stan: you use that speed to get down to the outside. it's tough when you try to run around you. you need the guy on the outside to close that gap. and chris carr did that. he missed a tackle but by making him run east and west it allowed the pursuit to get to the runner. >> gerry: jake delhomme, only team to run at home. collapsed in the first playoff game against the falcons. it's been an interesting off- season. on 1st down. goodson. grab its. gets around the corner. ray lewis brings him down at the 31. up front for the carolina panthers tonight. deangelo williams expected to start but it's goodson. dwayne jarrett and muhsin muhammad and ryan carill and jordan gross. that will back the panthers up 5 yards. >> stan:
the ravens do best. they were third in the league last year which led them to second overall. remember they played the redskins, they just shut down clinton portis. if the redskins can't run, they can't move the football. because they have to be able to slow down the pass rush with the run. >> gerry: he completes it to cooley. gain of 11 on the play as the redskins will have it first and 10 at their 38.   >> gerry: opening up with a little home you want on offense. he was looking for devin thomas. >> stan: it was a good draw by chris carr who came in there in a soft defense. chris carr came in the game and he made a great drop right in front of the intended receiver and campbell had to throw it high. >> gerry: much like the ravens are looking for some playmakers and wide receivers, the redskins come in tonight trying to see if their second year receivers will develop along with jason campbell. kelly and betts in the backfield. betts will get the carry right side and he is across the 40- yard line. a gain of about four on the play. jared johnson on the stop. but th
 >>> with the 23rd pick, the baltimore ravens select michael. >> if we're the best ravens we can be, people will have a tough time standing in front of us. >> pretty impressive what some of the guys do on our team, the level they do it. how aggressive they are and how high tempo they are at all times. >> when the ravens last took the field seven months ago, they were five minutes away from reaching the super bowl. now they have that foundation. we'll see how much tonight a first glimpse to see what they've done. thanks so much for joining us for the battle of the beltways, as the ravens play host to the washington redskins. as far as how this thing may play out, john harbaugh. coach, welcome to year number two. >> good to see you, pete. >> tell me a little about what you expect tonight other than the obvious, as far as you don't want anybody to get hurt and you want to win the game. >> we want to see our guys play, progression from practice throughout training camp, we want to get better. there's always going to be a couple guys you weren't sure about, all of a sudden they'll
with a closer look at the case against a teen accused of attempted murder in the shooting of 5-year-old raven wooit. >> what do gps records indicate and will video of the shooting help or hurt the state case. joy has more on the story you are seeing first on fox tonight. joy? >>reporter: is sources are telling us gps record show davis was in compliance at the time of the shooting. some are saying the records even indicate davis was at home or at least his tracking device was. also being studied very closely the video captured by a pole camera of the july 2nd shooting. tavis defense attorney says as far as he can tell, the shooter in this video isn't wearing a gps anklet. in an exclusive interview i sat down with a company representative from secure track. the company that provides and monitors the devices for the department of juvenile services. i asked what steps are typically taken if a juvenile under gps monitoring is accused of committing a crime? >> if there is a cream there are many times they come back to us and say can you run the points for this particular year and we can te
missouri. to the 27. michele standing by with the ravens starting quarterback. >> michele: i think his name's joe flacco if i heard it correctly. joh harbaugh called you the real deal. what did u expect to seerom rex ryan's defense? >> you're going to see different things. i expected to see a lot of pressure. we needed to run our offense the way we know how to. and we kind of protected ours today. just go out there and play football and have fun. >> michele: did you get as much pressure as you expected? >> early in the game, it was kind of fun. i got hit a little bit. it was kind of fun to get back there, play somefootball. >> michele: you said you wanted to out and prove to this coaching staff th you could throw the ball more this season, that the ravens cld be a passing team. what do you think tonight did show your coaches? >> it was fun. we had a couple incomb mikocomp early. you have a couple incompleons, you can keep getting them, and we coerted third downs and we just have to eliminate penalties in the red zone. those kinds of things kill drives. for the most part, sustain some drives
. the wait is over. and the ravens kicked off the preseason schedule tonight against the beltway rival to the our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. gate agent: this is your final boarding call... each with an average speed of 590 miles per hour, almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. starting august 16th, fly southwest airlines from bwi airport to boston logan for just $49 one-way. bags fly free on southwest, so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at . >> get this. some firefighters were really feeling the burn after taking part in a belly flop contest. a panel of judges rated some of colorado's bravest on flips and flops. and eric from the denver area west metro department took top honors for his splash. won a trip for two to mexico. >>have you heard about the bear that walks into a fur shop. it was no joke when it happened in downtown aspen colorado. the shop employeeed the bear walked to the back of the store and checked out a mink coat. >> seemed to know where he was going. as any good shopper would know. >> the bear was st
to baltimore tonight. the ravens opened up there' preseason schedule. kai jackson joins us live from federal hill with the fans reaction as the rival redskins came to town. >> reporter: that's right, the lights in the distance behind us, that's the stadium still in operation. the baltimore ravens regular season begins in earnest one month from tonight, but fans aren't waiting that long to get fired up. the purple. the passion. the players. fans flute' hands together and their hopes on the field as the baltimore ravens opened the 2009 season with a preseason game against in-state rival the washington redskins. >> reporter: who is your favorite player? >> flacco. flacco. i like number 995, flacco. >> reporter: how many games have you been to? >> this is my first. >> reporter: i'm guessing it won't be your last. >> definitely not. i'm excited. >> reporter: if you talk to coaches, even players, they will tell you preseason games don't it matter, but the fans disagree. >> it's too close together for it not to count. if nothing else, bragging rights. >> reporter: tailgating and trash talking were
was at the baltimore ravens preseason game tonight. but that's not confirmed. one of the women in the car, we're not sure of her relationship. michael phelps driving the car with two other people in it. we believe that the questions from the police investigators were done right here on the scene, marybeth. >> christian, thank you. michael phelps is just back from rome, where he won five gold medals. he of course holds the world record for eight gold medals in the olympics. he just turned 24, grew up in rogers ford. he has been no stranger to controversy of late. he was questioned when it appeared he was smoking marijuana from a bong. we'll follow the updates on the newscast and and on "good morning maryland," the fresh reaction and latest as well. >>> and now a developing story. michael vick is back in the nfl tonight. vick, who hasn't played since 2006, will suit up with the philadelphia eagles. a two year deal was signed late this evening. vick spent nearly two years behind bars after pleading guilty to bankrolling an illegal dog fighting ring. remember, vick has only a partia
play the ravens and they blitz, they know the quarterback is going to have to throw the ball quickly so they jump up and they bat as many balls down as any football team i've ever seen. full prsure. three step drop. they underand that's coming. they bat passes down. >>ike: second round pick kruger out of utah. is is play 15 on this drive. for the nephew of former basketball star danny ames. throws. incomplete. intended for marcus henry. oglesby was hanging on. ryan is such a go for it guy. i'm sure he'll go for two if the jets score a touchdown. >> referee: interference, defense, number 25. ball spotted on the 1 yard line. first and goal. >> jon: that was a slant and go. good call versus the blitz. >>ron: they did make a correct call. rex uld come out here with a win if they score and get two. >> mike: jets lost their first preseason opener to st. louis 23-20. ainge. rolling and flipping to the end zone. the rookie out of rutgers, the intended receiver. webb, third round pick for the ravs, covering. >> jon: they were counting on fooling kruger. anytime you run a nakedootleg to your left
that turns out to be false. but the incident did escalate after that, a baltimore raven prospect was carted off with handcuffs. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we are outside of the stadium, ravens take on the jets here tonight. now with this minor distraction, a rookie prospect's mainly run in with police. >> 27-year-old tony fine wants to impress the baltimore ravens as he tries to land a spot on the roster with a linebacker. but the impression he left on baltimore city police was anything butt. he was carted off to central booking charged with assaulting a police officer. security guards called police after they thought they saw four men passing a gun. that is the same police where baltimore police were called to a shooting. >> they asked them to stand up. one resisted, stood up and pushed the officer in the chest. the officer fell down. >> reporter: at that point, according to police, the 6'2, 245-pound linebacker was quickly arrested by other officers. police discovered the item being passed between the group was not a gun, but a cell phone. >> whether you are
blink you might miss t the ravens play the redskins tonight. so we're hoping nobody gets hurt. and this is an easy one for fan it's. you get to come out and cheer a little bit as we gear up for next month. sherrie johnson is live with the first preseason game of the year. >> reporter: yes. and the fans are ready to cheer. we're at penn station as a lot of people are pumped up. the game starts at 7:00 tonight at m&t bank stadium. and people are just ready to see their teams play. large crowds are expected to fill area restaurants and bars. this means big profit are area businesses and some business owners stocked up on beads, t- shirts and other paraphernalia expecting big profit. but no matter if you're a redskins fan or a ravens fan, there's lots of excitement. >> i think the ravens are going to kill them tonight. i got $20 on it. and i'm laid off. >> reporter: you can tell he's pretty sure that his ravens will win. but we'll talk to some more folks coming up. people will be headed out there early to tailgate. lots of fun. reporting live at penn station, sherrie johnson, "goo
is okay. he was not injured in that accident. we're here at the 7eleven in loch raven where everybody is talking about it. michael phelps with as in a car accident last night in downtown last night. once again, phelps was not injured in that accident, but the other female driver of the honda accord was shaken up and taken to an area hospital as a precaution. now, two passengers in phelps' car were not injured as well. phelps has been interviewed by police, and authorities say that alcohol was not a factor in this crash. here's what local folks had to say this morning about that accident. we hope to have more information on that stuff that everybody had to say. we're having some technical difficulties this, but meanwhile, police are still investigating this crash to find out exactly what happened. reporting live in loch raven, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >>> did you take a second to remember matt stover? for the first time in ravens history, he wasn't out there. joe flacco went right down the field. offensive line went huge. troy smith went well. rice and lewis ran great receivers an
was out with other citizens. this is the same neighborhood where five year-old raven wyatt was critically injured after being hit by a stray gunfire as seen in this police video in the lamont davis case. >> there is a commitment to making this neighborhood safe. >> the commissioner says officers are doing everything they can. neighborhoods and families need to pitch in. he also talked about his friend. >> knuckleheads are running around the neighborhood. we have seen disputes whether it is over petty drug deals or turf wars and firing shots indiscriminately and injuring people. >> she is looking at the positive. >> i think about what it did not do. i am still here. i still have work to do. >> a good outlook. she is expected to make a full recovery. concerning the investigation, police do not know how many people were involved and they have no suspects. anyone with information should call baltimore city police. the bba ltv. >> -- wbal tv 11 news. >> victims were innocent bystanders. what can be done to end the culture of violence? >> i was standing there watching this. i was accepting it n
. murray will face criminal charges. he's kernel the target of a ravens investigation. and tonight fine's attorney says his client was a victim of racial profiling. >> it's what you have been foamed off the old that pushed rocket on the sergeant. >> informs that i had based on the investigation, he didn't adhere to the command of the place. >> security and friend saw a shin any silver object. it was really a cell phone. a sergeant arrived and saw him and told him to stand up. fine then reacted suddenly by pushing with one hand as he turned around. he was forced to the ground and then handcuffed. >> people can't be jerks at the inner harbor. >> i don't believe that's if case and i don't accept that in this case also. >> there are two sides to every story. >> i don't think they were ouch line for doing that. if somebody has something, i would want them to protect us. surgery fine says his client every eastbound owned it. >> fine was not injured during the incident. >>> budget officials lay out a furlough plan to get the state of the run. most areas will be shut down war and extra five day
to be sentenced next month. >> the purple pride in full force. >> the ravens certainly took on the redskins in tonight's first preseason game. we have team coverage of that game. john sherman is live downtown. he has been talking with the fans tonight, sharing the game with them. first we begin with pete gilbert with a quick recap of the battle of the beltway. >> it turned out to be not much of a battle as the ravens blew the doors off the redskins. it's a preseason game. you can't say they are going to win the super bowl after this, but as far as things you wanted to see, you see a team that didn't turn the balance over, didn't allow any point and put up 23 themselves. it was impressive indeed. here are some highlights. ray lewis didn't have much to do with this game. he played one serious and was done. that was ok with him. but the offense got things going. joe flacco to ray rice. a little bit of a stumble. many plays over 35 yards for the ravens tonight. they also got it done with troy smith to r.j. smith. the smith connection impressive. troy smith threw the ball 30 times. he was the pl
we'll get a check on traffic and weather in a mome. shall -- moment. >> the ravens win! >> the mere fact that we kicked the redskins -- >> yes. and it's amazing stan stayed up. >> i just got home a few hours ago. >> let's look at the h.d. doppler. we're seeing a whole lot of nothing. we'll be clearing out today in the presence of high pressure. that will last all weekend. partly cloudy. a little patchy fog out there. there you see it for today, 84 to 86, one of the better days in an up-and-down week. >> as far as your morning commute, we continue to look at a nice ride. thankfully no delays. you can see, plenty of green out there. speed sensors not picking up anything out there. 69 on the west side. as we travel further south we're in great shape on 97 to 95, 95 down through howard county. nice ride so far. so enjoy it while it is like that. let's give you a live view in a couple spots. 95 north of o'donnell. problem-free there. let's check over to traffic at the b.w. parkway. overall, it is still pretty quiet. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, pr
and in the stands as the raven fans tune it up for september. people are getting psyched up. >> reporter: they're psyched. we're here at penn station where a lot of the commuters are pumped up about the beltway battle. and fans are excited and ready to see their teams in action. large crowds are inspectioned to fill area restaurants and bars. and this means lots of profit for area businesses. some business owners stocked up on beads and t-shirts and other paraphernalia expecting big profit. many feel this kind of fan excitement is good for the economy. the ravens' season opener will happen on september 13th. and a lot of folks are focusing their attention to that time. >>> you can find out the player stats and game schedule and find out who won the big game if you you are not able to stay up that late. log onto to get that information. >>> investigators want to know who is responsible for vandalizing a football in baltimore county and stealing donated food out of the concession stand. >> they took like 25 cases of gatorade, all of our candies, potato chips. >> this happened this w
but a cell phone. that phone belonged to a baltimore raven, rookie linebacker tony fein was at the inner harbor sunday eating dinner with several friends at johnny rockets. according to the police report a security officer says you saw fein pass a large silver object to a man seated in the group. he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and police suspected he was using it to hide a gun. when officers arrived they found out it was not a gun but a cell phone. police began to question fein and they say he became agitated and shoved the cop. >> one of the suspects resisted police and became belligerent. the sergeant then asked him to stand up again. he resisted, stood up and pushed the officer in the chest. the officer fell down. other officers took that -- restrained that gentleman and took him into covet custody. bottom line, police can't be jerks at the inner harbor. if a policeman comes up to you and asks you to do something, just follow instructions no need to make a scene. >> reporter: the ravens said "like all citizens tony will get his due process and have his opportunity to explain. fr
to the baltimore ravens. we've been talking i think all training camp about this young man sitting next to me, brian orakpo. gets his first taste of professional football in real live game action. what was going through your head out there? >> it was a whole bunch of stuff. i was getting my feet wet, like i said. being in this first nfl game, a dream come true for me. i can put that to rest and play football. >> brian, what was the biggest thing you learned out there in your first nfl action? >> probably everybody is an ag let's. that's the most important thing i learned. everybody is good, you know, on this level. you really can't take that for granted. you have to be on top of your game each and every play and series. >> brian, had two tackles tonight. a couple of quarterback pressures. talking about the difference in quarterbacks, saying you're a sack guy. at least at texas you were. that's what you hoped to be on this level. you love playing against the big quarterbacks, because they're harder to get to. >> elusive guys are always the toughest guys. never want to go down. pocket pressure
that had bystanders craning their necks. even though he wore a ravens jersey he stood a head taller than everyone else and was recognizable as michael phelps. police say phelps was driving a black escalade that collided with a honda. >> there was a collision. two cars were driving and collided in the intersection. we'll find out if alcohol was a factor, we'll look at red lights. >> police say it does not appear as if alcohol was a factor. no one was hurt in the crash. according to investigators the driver of the hospital was -- honda was taken to the hospital as a precaution. coming up, you will hear from people who live in the neighborhood who were hoping this crash will bring long-standing safety concerns to light. kerry cavanaugh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the baltimore ravens were sthaking off the -- ravens were shaking off the off-season rust at the same time. fans are weighing in. >> i want to have the same expectations i had last year, which were none. that way my feeling won't be disappointed if it doesn't turn out well. >> i think we've been underrated. i think people thought last yea
the surveillance video, the man on the left may be the, the officer was not injured. baltimore ravens did not take part in last night's preseason game. now as mike reported, his client is the victim of racial profiling. >> it is what unfollowed off the field that put national attention on the rookie ravens, he pushed a sergeant at the johnny rockets so they halled him off to central booking. >> information that i have at this point is something that observation is that he did not adhere to the commanding police. >> charging documents, harbor place security and some friends pass a shiny silver object b they believed was a gun and called police who have stepped up patrols because of high profile violence including a gang related shooting earlier this month. it was really a cell phone. a sergeant arrived in and saw fine wearing a hooded sweatshirt he believed could conceal a weapon. he would not. he then reacted by pushing sergeant with one hand as had he turned around. for this reason, sergeant grabbed him and forced him to the ground to place him under arrest. >> the bottom line is people can't be
>>> a raven arrested, tony fiennes assaulted an officer. >> why fiennes says it's racial profiling. >> here's what people are talking about today. police thought the raven prospect may have had a gun, turned out to be a cell phone, he pushed a sergeant and was arrested and handcuffed. eyewitness news live outside city police head quarters with more on this developing story. >> good afternoon, everybody, this is the statement of charges considered a misdemeanor, no court appearance for fiennes today. his agent says he was targeted because of his race. >> reporter: tony fiennes was arrested at the inner harbor, stemming from an incident outside johnny rockets, where a security officer claims he saw a group of men, one passed an object to another. the male seated at the far right was wearing a large, loose, gray hooded sweatshirt, this attire did not seem weather appropriate based on the time of year and temperature, and could readily be used to conceal a handgun. that person was fiennes, the sergeant ordered him to stand up and keep his hands in sight. fiennes reacted suddenly, by p
of ravens rookie for the first time since his arrest sunday night. the 27-year-old linebacker was charged with assaulting a police officer the cops were called. something passed between a group of men could have been a gun. it turns out that it was a cellphone, but he refused to cooperate and ultimately show the police sgt. he accused the police of racial profiling. they disagree. >> i am innocent, and the fact will prove that. >> we feel strongly about tony. he is a quality young man, and if there's anybody who understands how to handle themselves with authority, it is sony. he has been on this from day one. i am sure both sides will come out, and we have confidence our system will get this sorted out. >> the coach also spoke out in support of officer accused of racial profiling. police say the incident was the result of stepped-up enforcement after recent violence in the area. the court date has been set for october 2. >> we're getting our first look at the official coast guard report for the water taxi accident that left five people dead theory of the report says the accident followed
-- raven wyatt was shot. our reporter is live with the latest. >> unless you live in a neighborhood where gunshots ring out everyday, it is hard to understand the mentality of the people who live there every single day of their lives were better shots are a part of their daily lives. here is a man opening fire in broad daylight. five year-old raven wyatt was shot in the head in the crossfire. you did the people standing nearby and they never seemed to flat. we sat down with one doctor. he says it is not so much that violence, they have no way to escape. >> they adapt. they do not like it or accept it. they are not numb to it. where do they go? that is what we have to change. >> he says communities have to get outraged about the culture of violence, even when it does not directly impact you. we will have more on that part of the story coming up for you at 5:30. >> there are details in the case involving the five year-old girl shot by stray gunfire. lamont davis has pled not guilty. new details have made the case even more confusing. the time of the footage says it occurred at 4:00 p.m. acc
to the members of the rookie club, the ravens rookies. we'll talk about it later on. there will be about two thought people showing up tonight. join us. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way. >>> 6:15 and marty is walking around the first warning doppler radar weather center. >>> it's an interesting morning. it's much prettier than it feels. it's a warm day and stuffy morning. it's almost 80 degrees. humidity is zeroing in on the mid-90s right now. as you look east shall it's nice and calm. let's go to the first warning doppler radar and you look west, we have shower activity, pressing pretty much southwest to northeast, following the mountains if you will. this is action breaking out ahead of this cold front that is moving our way. let's take a look at temperatures around. 78 de
the season. yeah, and the ravens playing tonight, and they're going to have a nice night for the game. going to be mostly clear and comfortable, because the dew points are going to lower today. it was so tropical over the weekend and soupy, but things much improved this morning, with the exception of southern maryland. let's look at our h.d. doppler radar now. basically a very strong patch of showers and storms to the south of baltimore, really over virginia, but approaching southern maryland. there's also a strong storm to the north of ocean city this morning. but in baltimore, central maryland, high pressure's really going take over, so i don't think we'll see the rain. we're actually going to see mostly sunny skies today once this thing gets through here this morning. let's take a look at our current temperatures. temperaturewise this morning, 72 downtown. 69 at the airport. 70 on the eastern shore generally. and we're headed for a high in the mid 80's, which is right where we should be. normal high, august 24, is 84. mostly sunny skies in the charm city today. and again, the lower humidi
in the standings, but you would never know behaved on how the ravens' first teamers continue to play. for the third straight game they dominated opponent the three games, three wins. first possession, joe flacco to mason. it looks like he got in for a t.d. the ravens did not challenge. and it cost them. hauschka missed a a must-make. that may concern the ravens. joy flacco was fenmool. he completed 23-28 for 247 yard. you have to like this. kelley washington stepping up with a big catch in carolina territory. and then flacco finding heap who had four receptions. ravens on top 7-3, and they kept it up. later in the second quarter, magahee from a yard out putting the ravens on top 14-3. it could have been more, but the backups couldn't catch the football. jones drops it. interception for carolina. no worries though. the ravens win 17-13 despite that interception there. afterwards, joe cool. >> we are going to go out there and attack each defense the way we think we have the best shot of winning. i think over this preseason, we have tried to throw the ball around a little bit, and i think we have din, and of course while we're on the air as well. >>> a raven arrested and claims of racial profiling. tonight the mayor fires back. ravens undrafted rookie tony fein has been released on his own recognizance after being charged with assaulting an officer at the inner harbor. his agent says he was profiled by police. the mayor's reaction to fein's defense. >> reporter: this is not the picture undrafted rookie anthony fein wants in the ravens media guide this year. the 27-year-old linebacker was arrested this weekend after police say he assaulted a city officer. >> information that i have is just on the investigation is that he did not adhere to the command of the police. >> reporter: security officers in the light street pavilion said they thought fein was passing a gun to a friend last night. it was really a cell phone. when confronted by city police, charging documents say the football player shoved the officer. fein buzz then arrested and booked. but in published reports, his agent, milton d. hobbs out of tennessee says his client was racially profiled by police
to be transported locally with just one officer. >>> the man accused of selling a gun to former ravens steve mcnair. >> adrian gillam is being accused of selling a loaded pistol to mcnair's girlfriend for $100, just two days before he was killed. 20-year-old sahel kazemi shot mcnair before turning the gun on himself. >> he had just played last year. >>> michael vick is back in the nfl. the former star quarterback who served time for running a dog- fighting ring, has signed with the philadelphia eagles. hari sreenivasan explains for wjz, when you can expect to see him back on the field. >> reporter: michael vick is getting a second chance in the nfl. >> i've made some mistakes, done some terrible things. made a horrible mistake. and now i want to be part of the solution and not the problem. >> reporter: the 29-year-old former atlanta falcons quarterback is attempting a comeback with the eagles. he served a year and a half in federal prison for running a dog fighting ring. vick is now promising to turn his life around and help more animals than he hurt. >> hopefully i can do that and bring awaren
moving along in both directions without any problems. back to you. >>> the ravens are playing rex ryan's new york jets tonight but tonight, tony fein, trying to get him out of trouble. linda so with more. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a relaxing sunday evening at the inner harbor enjoying dinner with friends but it quickly got out of happened when someone thought they saw tony fein with a gun. turns out it was only a cell phone. according to the police report a security officer says he saw fein pass a large silver object to a man seated in the group. fein was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and police suspected he was using it to hide a gun. the rookie linebacker was at the inner harbor eating dinner at johnny rockets. officers questioned tony fein and they say he became agitated and shoved the cop. police have been on heightened alert after last week's shooting at the inner harbor and so when someone thought there was a gun the response was quick. >> people can't be jerks at the inner harbor. if police come up and ask you to do something, just follow instructions. no need to make a s
be jerks at the inner harbour. >> baltimore raven arrested for assaulting an officer. why the player said it is all a big misunderstanding. >> a public option for health care. why the topic is now causing divide even among democrats. >> and multi-tasking mayhem. why those that do it most are probably the worst at it. >> and highlights and reaction from the ravens preseason showdown against the jets. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. baltimore ravens linebacker is out of jail tonight but still facing a criminal charge of assaulting a police officer. tony fein was arrested last night at the inner harbour after a security guard thought they saw him with a gun. melinda roeder live tonight with details and reaction. melinda? >> well, some say it was a miscommunication. but others are calling it a case of racial profiling. it turns out that tony fein was not even armed. someone mistook his cell phone for a handgun. and he was sitting at johnny rockets with a coupl
. >>> caught on the city watch camera, this shows the video that injured a 5-year-old raven wal. the gunman chases someone and disappeared. the video he obtained from the newspaper partner the baltimore sun shows people scattering. he is hart to see. he is a 17-year-old lamon. it davis, arrested a dozen times. he was on home monitoring wearing a gps bracelet. he pleaded no the guilty. his lawyer told wjz news that the shooter on the video is not his client because he says, he is not irwhatting the bracelet monitor. these are his legs enhanced for a view. investigators believe he was fighting with another teen, pulled out a gun and fired over and over hitting raven who had nothing to do with the dispute. >> what are we supposed to do. kids can not walk the street. they cannot go to school. she was just a little girl. >> do not let this be in vain. >> it has prompted outrage and questions over the juvenile justice system handled davis. >> we wanted to know and we did something about it. >> the system as it exists today in maryland has outlived its usefulness. >> the bullet hit her in the head
is the ravens from being back on the field. fine out next in sports. (announcer) carefree introduces protection, times ten. new carefree ultra protection liners, with wings! absorb ten times more, like a pad but feel thin and comfy, like a liner. new carefree® ultra protection™ with glad odor shield. special technology embedded in the whole bag neutralizes odors. your kitchen stays fresh. glad odor shield. what smell? now available in lemon scent. glad odor shield. what smell? >>> rachels have one of the most successful and feared defenses in the nfl. many were curious to see if it would hold up after the departure of rex ryan. madison took over as defensive coordinator after ryan took a head coaching job with the jets. the defense didn't miss a beat and proved that with the shutout of the redskins this week. and scott followed ryan to new york. madison has them working close with the new guys to keep them up to speed and there are no holes in the ravens defense. >> i don't believe there's a weak link in the defense. what you find out in the meetings making the raven defense so special is th
, on the outer loop at loch raven boulevard, getting reports of an object in the roadway. definitely use caution. in the pasadena area, bedford road between grenada and clover hill closed. use geneva as an alternate. in elkton, cecil county, route 7 at crestwell avenue closed because of flooding there. looking at the cameras, jfx at west 41st street, you can see traffic light in both directions. at the bw parkway and the beltway, we'll have building volume as you make your way southbound but traffic appears to be flowing smoothly at this time. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc, best country for the work day with music from stars like taylor swift, kenny chesney and keith urban. back to you. >>> 5:31. the fate of that cash for clunkers program is going to be decided as the senate meets for a final week before the summer break. adding to $2 billion to the basically broke program got the green light from the white house this week. the administration says it will have to suspend the wildly popular rebate program unless the senate goes along but it's not a s
is alive and well. flacco thread ravens to the afc championship game last year. kai jackson reports that now fans have more reason to celebrate because flacco's jersey is among the top sellers in the nfl. >> reporter: at 13 sports legends museum downtown there are sports gear for baltimore baltimoreans who love their football. now fans have another reason to be proud of their team and the players. quarterback joe flacco's jersey is number 17 on the top 25 sellers on >> i would say that's actually surprising that he's that high. so that's for all the nfl players across the country. >> reporter: flacco was a rookie last year who performed with the poise of a veteran when he led the ravens to the a if fc champ -- afc championship game against the pittsburgh steelers. the ravens lost, but the team and flacco scored big in another way. >> we found out that joe flacco is in 25%, and that was thrilling for us, not only as the store, but for the ravens fans. >> i think it's very good being in the second year of the season. >> reporter: as the ravens get closer to regular season, th
the same? the surprising answers just ahead. the ravens organization have parties tonight. how youth benefit from the barbecue. 14, 7, 26, 4, 27. 14, 7, 26, 24, 4, and 27. the multi matted jackpot climbs to $4 million. the next drawing is saturday night here on wbal tv 11. let yourself play. for the latest news, czech for the latest news, czech need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. >> a new survey shows how important parents can be to keep teens away from drugs and alcohol. the study was released by the university. teams are much more likely to drink if they have seen a parent a drunk. the same survey shows that parents who are involved in their children's lives can put the brakes on abuse. >> smoking, using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol are certain to never do so for the rest of their life. >> the availability of marijuana is up. a parent to do not think the drug is a big deal
visitor to training camp leaves the raven'' beaming. >> tornadoes, the story is coming up. >> and this is wbal-tv 11 news. >> we're following two big stories for you. the national weather service confirmed what many residents suspected. a tornado touched down in finksburg. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute good evening. now, to the other big story we're following. of late developments coming from ravens' camp. derrick mason has had a change of heart. pete gilbert is here. >> good news for the ravens. derrick mason surprised -- surprised everyone today, showing up unannounced at training camp ready to play football. he sent a letter asking to be reinstated on the roster, took his physical fitness test, and when he passed, mason will practice with this team sunday morning. his return provide stability -- provides a stability. his original decision to retire stunned everybody, two days after steve mcnair was laid to rest. that is the biggest but not the only story from training camp today
to you. >> foxworth and the ravens play the first preseason game one week from tonight against the redskins in at m&t. here is jeff barnd with the "late edition". >> something needs to be done. >> the numbers don't workout. >> the health care debate. what happened at a townhall meeting in maryland earlier tonight. >> a cat is set on fire. who police may be responsible for the latest incident of animal abuse in the city of baltimore. >> frustration over a nightclub. the law that has some baltimore residents very upset. >> and the cyber bullying mother. why she is allowed to go back online. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jeff barnd. jennifer has tonight off. protests are getting louder over president obama health care plan. recent positive shows 52 percent of voters are against the plan. and 39 percent favor it. many americans say they are concerned about over spending, and reduced quality health care. >> townhall meeting on health care reform took place in prince george's county. keith daniels was t
trying to make the ravens has been involved with an altercation tonight. he was taken to central booking. cheryl is there with the story. what are police saying about the incident? >> well cristian, we know that anthony fine was brought here to central booking around 6:30 tonight. they have charged the ravens linebacker with assaulting a police officer. anthony giambi said it was just before 7:00 this evening officers were asked to assist security at the inner harbor. they said they saw three men passing what appeared to be a fire arm at the johnny rocket. the report says sergeant bernardo to stand up and he refused. here, now, is what police say played out. >> one of the subjects resisted police, became belligerent, the sergeant approached him and asked him to stand again, he stood up and pushed the officer in the chest. he fell down, other officers restrained that gentleman and took him down. police can't be," there is no need to make a scene or make a big issue out of nothing. >> the ravens released this statement tonight. it says "like all citizens tony will get his dupree ses and ha
. >>> the agents of the underdrafted raven rookie tony fein says his client was profiled by police this weekend. the 27-year-old linebacker arrested sunday evening after police say he assaulted a city police officer. a security guard at the light street pavilion called police after seeing fein give what he thought was a gun to a friend. turned out to be a cell phone. investigators say then fein shoved a city police officer who responded. fein says he was profiled. some fans before last night's game had different views on what happened. >> don't address the bad part. cooperate and they will let you go if you have nothing to fear. >> probably an overreaction. but it's business as usual. i've been facing this since i was a kid. >> fein was released on his own recognizance, due to appear in court october 7th. >>> will rex ryan say hello to his old boss? it was more than that. he had bart scott, jim leonard, and a bunch of former ravens. there was plenty of pride to play for. second play of the game mark sanchez throws it right to him. 7-0. ray lewis with the big play, the big hit. third and seven,
- ravens preseason game. we'll get to that in a second. let's start off with the breaking news. >> reporter: yeah, brian. about michael vick with all the speculation ending, everyone wanted to know when. everyone wanted to know where. he's not getting coming -- not coming to washington to play for the skins but he is coming to washington at least twice a year. the announcement will be at a formal press conference tomorrow. he is an eagle. he was released from home confinement july 20. the n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell conditionally released his suspension. goodell said he would consider vick for full reinstatement by week six at the latest. here's what one fan in baltimore had to say. >> well, i'm just waiting for donovan mcnabb's to assault some more on her blog. it doesn't affect me too much. being the size of the city in philadelphia, they don't have too many dogs running around. they have a leash law. >> reporter: so the soonest he could play would be week one. the latest he could play would be week seven which oh by the way the philadelphia eagles come to fed ex field to play the r
to avoid the area if you can. >>> when derek mason said he was retiring it caught the ravens management and fans off guard. but he resigned or resigned they he were elated but he noted he didn't get the home coming he hoped for. today hes with caught off guard with a show of appreciation. (cheering) the tune is hot cross buns it caught his attention. the girl scouts gave mason a homecoming fit for a king on his case a receiver. >> we read an article he had done an interview. >> reporter: it took place after he announced his retirement on july 13th. after some thought he changed his mind and announced he he would continue to play. the veteran receiver la meanted that he was not feeling the love. >> in buffalo he went to the airport and got a band. ky not even get the girl scouts to come out. that's bad. >> it is what it is. >> you know better than mason if you ask you shall receive. >> he is a good player and tough i thought it was sad when he retired. >> this is fun i think it is a good experience for the girl scouts. >> for the former titan retired raven, retired receiver. he says...
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tomorrow night. pro football and the ravens, now 3-0 where it doesn't count, in the preseason after beating the panthers and carolina last night. the ravens got off to a relatively bad start on this first quarter series they failed to score after three tries within the one-yard line. then on fourth down, steve missed what should have been a chipped field goal. but the birds came to light in the second quarter when joe flacco, who had pinpoint accuracy early, scored on this nine-yard touchdown to todd heap. derrick mason catching everything within sight. the ravens scored again, setting up willis mcgahee. all starters versus starters in the first half where flacco was 23 of 28. second quarter, ravens field goal, 17-3 purple bird. fourth quarter, carolina crowelling back on the scoreboard. touchdown with the kid there within 17-10. in the end ravens hang on to win their second consecutive preseason game. >> the defense, twelve best shot of winning, and i think over this preseason we've tried to throw the ball around a little bit. i think we've done a good job of doing that. tonight was just a
. sherrie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here in loch raven talking to a lot of people at the 7eleven and what they are talking about is michael phelps. he was in a car accident last might. it happened around 9:00 at the intersection of biddle and calvert streets. now, he's okay. he was not injured in the car accident, but the other driver, a female driver driving a honda accord, was shaken up and taken to a local hospital as a precaution. two passengers in phelps' car were not injured. phelps has been interviewed by police. officers say alcohol was not a factor. folks here at the 7-eleven hope he's okay. >> i probably feel bad for him and his family. i hope he recovers. >> oh, my god. i cannot believe that could happen to him. i mean, honestly, that's just amazing. i hope he's all right, though. >> reporter: meanwhile, police are still investigating this crash trying to figure out exactly what happened last night. reporting live in loch raven, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >>> we have a massive recall of a popular children's toy to tell you about. little tikes are pull
tonight that at the stadium after months in -- months of waiting, the ravens football kickoff tonight against the washington redskins. >> it is tailgating time and i tell you what, this is a lot of fun. is really a family event. people bring out their grill, said around, cook, had a few drinks and enjoy the game. it has really become a tradition. this place is packed now. how are you, sir? you guys do this all the time. >> every year, rain or shine, cold or hot. uygurs year every year. >> people say that it is a wild party. it really is not. it is a family affair. >> that is what it is for us. we enjoy it as a family. >> how long have you been doing this? >> probably about three years. >> it's a lot of fun, isn't it? >> it really is. >> we have a special lady we are going to talk to. i am going to sit next to this pretty lady. grammy, pat, she is 29 and this is your first nfl game ever, right? >> yes. >> are you excited? >> i think i am. >> you are a football fan. >> the whole way. >> enjoy the game. >> i've got to take care of my girl. this place is packed and they are ready for some
-3. >>> tonight we get to run, pass and kick against a new uniform. >> it's the ravens preseason opener and the redskins are getting bustd to the bank. give us a preview. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at penn station where a lot of commuters are here are excited about the ravens and the redskins playing tonight. the ravens, said they're tired of playing each other and ready to take on another team. and tonight they'll get that chance in the beltway battle. it kicks off tonight at m&t bank stadium. fans are pumped up and ready to see the ravens in action. large crowds are expected to fill area restaurants and bars. this means big profit for area businesses and some business owners stocked up on things like beads, t-shirts and other paraphernalia expecting lots of fun. no matter where you go, whether you're a ravens and redskins fans, lots of excitement. >> everyone is pumped. we're excited. we could not wait for football season to start. and i know we're going to win. >> we moved here in november. so parking. the bars are completely purple. so i don't wear my redskins stuff out h
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